Conray AG – Ihr Spezialist für kreative Teamevents und Teambildung seit 2004.

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10. März 2016

Wir möchten uns noch mal ganz herzlich bedanken für die TOP Organisation. Ich habe nur positive
Kommentare bekommen von unserem Team. Es war wirklich sehr toll.



14. Juni 2012

We are used to organizing team-building outings at Actelion to strengthen our interactions in a friendly atmosphere. This time we asked Conray to entertain our journey in Switzerland and we opted for their outdoor raft-building activity. We had a dream day in the middle of the Swiss Alps, facing the impressive mountain range of Churfirsten. The hidden lake where we had settled was just idyllic. We had fun participating in the sportive activities our coach had carefully prepared. The home-made barbecue of typical Swiss specialities was delicious. All in all, we spent a memorable time, and we highly recommend this experience for any group willing to relax in a beautiful green setting.

Teamerlebnis Flossbau am Bergsee