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Small Groups & Entertainment


This game is an ideal complement to a corporate event or an office party. Something completely different!

9-Wicket Croquet (original name), Golf Croquet or Billiard Croquet can be played on a lawn or indoors on artificial turf and is played in groups of four. Each player needs a mallet and a coloured ball. The balls are hit through the wickets along the laid out course. A well thought through strategy can decide over victory.

This game can also be played in teams of two. All necessary equipment is provided.


One to two expert attendants will be taking care of you.


  • From 3 to 9 wickets
  • Mallets and coloured balls for the players

Space Requirements

The playing area, indoors or outdoors, should measure at least 4 x 8m but no more than 15 x 30m.

Prices staff and materials [in Swiss Francs]

Flat rate3000.00

Our service includes

  • All equipment required
  • Expert support (1-2 attendants)
  • Travel expenses (within the Zurich area)

Not included

  • Travel expenses (CHF 1.80/km, if location outside the Zurich area)
  • VAT


All year round


Arter-Anlage, Minervastrasse 46, 8032 Zurich,
or anywhere in Switzerland (outdoors in a public park or indoors on artificial turf)

Optional extras

  • Artificial turf (indoors)

Offer can be combined with