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Koenix – The Driving Sound of the Middle Ages

They look like out of a fairy tale, the minstrels and musicians of Koenix. They are visiting from bygone age but as soon as the first few notes are elicited from these instruments the spell is broken:

Happy dances, wild rhythms and wistful tunes the musicians brought along for you. Incidentally they may tell you the odd tale from the times of log fires and legends.

Koenix perform

in blocks of 5 to 30 minutes each, with a maximum playtime of two hours. Alternatively the performance can be held in concert form from one to two hours.

Koenix dazzle

their audience not only with their music but also with their costumes. This being predominantly an acoustic performance the effort for staging it is minimal, uncomplicated and very flexible.

If possible Koenix

also play amplified instruments such as the Irish Bouzuki, the hurdy-gurdy and song. Fully amplified concerts are available on request and require a 220V power source.

Koenix are well suited

for medieval markets, medieval or period celebrations, weddings, birthday parties and business occasions. Because of their strong acoustic Koenix is not suitable as background music. Koenix aren’t claiming historical accuracy.

Looking for more information about this topic?

We are happy to provide you with a detailed quote on our team event Medieval Games (Free the Miller).

Prices [in Swiss Francs]

Upon request

Our service includes

  • A show or show pieces with 'Koenix'
  • ca. 6 musicians
  • Travel expenses within Switzerland

Not included

  • Travel expenses outside Switzerland
  • Expenses for meals and accommodation, if required
  • Amplifier (rarely needed)
  • VAT


All year round


Indoors or on a covered open air stage

Optional Extras

  • Rock version
  • Sound system i.e. amplifier, mixing board, speakers, microphone

Offer can be combined with