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Longsword Combat in Historic Armour

Longsword combat in historic armour

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Medieval sword fighting show

Our knights are protected by armour made of steel plates and solid leather vests. Their impressive show demonstrates how knights used to fight with sword and shield.

Already in medieval times the purpose of the tournaments was to select the strongest knight with the most exquisite skills.

Each show is tailor-made

You choose how many shows with what number of fighters you want to have at your event. From a single show to multiple appearances over several days anything is possible.

Our large network allows us to pool from other sources in case a larger number of players is required.

Authentic sword fencing

In a duel between two knights or in group combat the aim is to hit opponents with the sword – exactly as was the case in medieval tournaments.

The aim is to unbalance the opponent. As soon as a knight hits the ground, the fight is over.

Optional sword-fencing workshop

If you fancy it, we can arrange for a workshop where your guests can have a go at the exciting art of sword-fencing, guided by an expert instructor using harmless padded or wooden swords.

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Prices [in Swiss Francs]

2 Knights/fighters from 790.00
Additional knights/fighters price on request

Our service includes

  • 2 Knights/fighters
  • Historic armour, swords and shields

Not included

  • Travel expenses (CHF 1.20/km from Reichenburg)
  • VAT


All year round


  • Anywhere in Switzerland or abroad
  • Available as an indoor or outdoor event

Optional extras

  • Medieval live music or from CD
  • Special cordoning off

Compatible entertainment options

Offer can be combined with