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Mentalists - 'The art of mind reading'


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'They're always together. They are from Germany. They look into your head. This is all about the human psyche: telepathy, hypnosis, mind reading. They will leave you sleepless...'

'He, who messes up peoples minds, telling them what they're feeling and thinking. And if you think he doesn't know what you're thinking, then you're thinking wrongly.'
- Berliner Morgenpost

'And She - amazing how she tells the randomly picked spectator the name of his mother his first girlfriend and blindfolded lists the content of randomly chosen handbags. A skill - as she describes it - which she has acquired in her youth from her native Indian nanny in Brazil. Mind-boggling!'
- Zitty Berlin

Stemming from the creative soil of the German show scene this unique couple leads their audience into the world of the paranormal with their charm and subtle humour.

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Price [in Swiss Francs]

Evening from5770.00

Our service includes

  • Two mentalist magicians
  • All required material

Not included

  • Travel expenses
  • Accommodation
  • Stage, infrastructure and premises
  • VAT


All year round


Anywhere in Switzerland (indoors only). Ideal for ball rooms, seminar facilities, marquees and the company premises

Optional extras

  • Wireless microphone, head set, microphone stand, CD system
  • Additional artists
  • Other magician
  • Suitable location
  • Flip chart
  • Dinner

Offer can be combined with