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Jester and Juggler

Narrenkai - jester and juggler

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Narrenkai - Jester and Juggler

With incredible skills and at a breathtaking speed the Jester presents his unique comedy juggling with three, four and five balls. Impeccable technical skill combined with hilarious facial expressions and ingenious improvisation makes an audience go wild for him.

The classical: The Tale of the Tower

Improvisation and animation are his business. This legendary comedy fairy tale the Jester performs together with the audience in the middle of the audience. The sad king searches for the noble-minded saviour who will free the bearded princess from the most unusual tower.

The Fire Spectacle

At a later hour the light suddenly goes out and the audience waits in suspense what may happen next. One after the other the Jester gets five red-glowing spheres out of the chest and makes them fly through the room in a breathtakingly beautiful manner. It appears as if the stars themselves were celebrating a poetic dance through the night. No sooner as the lid of the chest is lowered again blazing flames light up the room. Now follows a spectacular fire finale!

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Price [in Swiss Francs]

up to 4 hours1250.00

Our service includes

  • The complete 'Jester' programme
  • Jester costume and all required materials

Not included

  • Travel expenses from Cologne (D) CHF 0.35/km (i.e. travel expenses to Zurich and back = CHF 410.00)
  • Meals
  • Accommodation if required
  • VAT


All year round
Show in German or English


Anywhere in Switzerland and abroad, indoors and outdoors

Optional Extras

  • Extension possible on request

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