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Team Building & Coaching

Leadership with Huskies including meal in a restaurant

Who is leading whom? This question is above all with the dogs. The incorruptible Huskies in particular are ideal when working on optimising leadership communication.

Team Building Programme

The participants always choose their Husky themselves. Amazingly quite often the characteristics of the dog mirror the ones of the candidate. Sometimes the Husky possesses qualities which the guest is missing within themselves. Together with the Husky they set out into the great outdoors where a relationship with the animal can be established.

Learning Effect

Through Husky’s responses the participants experience very well where their strengths are and where they ought to work on improvement. The musher gives us an insight into the individual personality of the huskies. Very often the dog mirrors the character traits of the human handler. A most astonishing experience!

Including meal in a restaurant

You are invited to a meal (lunch or dinner) in a restaurant nearby.

Prices [in Swiss Francs]

up to 12 pers.3300.00 flat rate
from 13 pers.269.00 / pers.
from 21 pers.239.00 / pers.

Catering options

Aperitif price on request

Location outside Toggenburg area

Price on request

Our service includes

  • The number of huskies required
  • Cared for by their Musher
  • Feedback by the Musher
  • Moderation by the Trainer
  • Soft Reflexion
  • Lunch or dinner in restaurant including mineral water

Not included

  • Transfers
  • Reflection
  • VAT

Weather protection

Event held in all weathers

Group size

10-32 participants


2-3 hours




For Flumserberge, Arosa or Davos price on request

Further options

  • Reflection on team performance by a coach
  • Additional tasks (on request)
  • Salmon smoking on the fire (price on request)
  • English-speaking guide
  • BBQ from 25 pers. (price on request)