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Football Team Event

Football team event

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Football moves the world

We have created a diverse and exciting corporate event which is all about the most popular team game in the world. Team spirit and fun are the top priorities. This team event makes a perfect company away day especially in a year that coincides with a World Cup or a European Championship.

Choose from a range of exciting games

Each of which is attended by a trained guide:

  • Bumper Ball (up to 10 people at a time, larger teams on request)
    Each participant slips on an inflated bubble, then the group builds two teams and plays a short match.
  • Football with a visual challenge (up to 18 people at a time)
    On a fenced-off playing field two teams play each other. The players are blindfolded – however – each player has a seeing partner on the sideline. They give the players instructions how to score a goal.
  • Giant Ball Game (up to 22 people at a time)
    The players try to score by moving a huge blow-up ball towards the goal with their hands.
  • Human Table Football (up to 10 people at a time)
    In an oversized inflatable table football frame the players are tied to the poles. In a team effort they try to move the ball and score a goal.
  • Rollerball Relay (up to 18 people at a time)
    Two participants get into a giant inflatable ball and get belted up. Two to three guests push that ball through a round course. This is then repeated with new players.
  • Football balancing on two ropes (18 people simultaneously)
    Two participants balance a football on two ropes and roll the ball in the direction of the basket. The football ‘tracks’ are situated on top of one another and therefore hinder each other.
  • Giant Table Football (simultaneously for 4, 8 or 16 players)
    The classic table football in its original size or larger, entirely to your preference.
  • Designing a fan banner (up to 18 people at a time)
    Creating your own colourful team banner using textile dyes and brushes.
  • Goal Wall (wooden walls, up to 18 people at a time)
    The classic target kicking at a wooden goal wall.
  • Football Sumo Wrestling (up to 18 participants at a time)
    Two players get into a football sumo suit and wrestle each other until one of them falls. Then the wrestlers are exchanged.


These games are not physically demanding. They are manageable for everyone.

Culinary Delights

Give your football event the edge with a sumptuous barbeque or sundowners/refreshments. We are happy to tell you more about the options available.

Weather protection/Venue

Ideally this event is organised on the sports grounds of your choice. This way the games can be either staged outdoors on the lawn, or in the gym hall in case of adverse weather conditions. Of course this event can be held in other locations as well such as on farm grounds, on a field or in a park. You choose your favourite location.

Prices [in Swiss Francs]

From Monday - Thursday incl. attendants
From Friday - Sunday prices upon request

Bumper Ball (11 balls)

up to 10 pers.from 1700.00 flat rate

Football with a visual challenge

up to 18 pers.1500.00 flat rate

Giant Ball Game

up to 18 pers.from 1500.00 flat rate

Human Table Football

up to 10 pers.from 1600.00

Rollerball Relay

up to 18 pers.from 1340.00

Football balancing on ropes

up to 18 pers.1500.00 flat rate

Giant Table Football

for 4 pers.from 1000.00
for 8 pers.from 1200.00
for 16 pers.from 1400.00

Designing a fan banner

up to 18 pers.1500.00 flat rate

Goal Wall (wooden wall)

up to 18 pers.from 1200.00

Football Sumo Wrestling

up to 18 pers.from 1700.00

Catering options

Barbecue from59.00 / pers.
Aperitif from19.00 / pers.

Our service includes

  • All games are attended by expert guides
  • Bottled water throughout the event
  • Games competition if desired

Not included

  • Travel expenses from warehouse (CHF 1.80/km from Wil/SG or Reichenburg/SZ)
  • Locality (s. 'Further options')
  • VAT
  • The hiring party is entirely liable for damage and loss to the rented items even in the event that the damage was caused by a third party. The liability commences with delivery and ends on return respectively on pick-up by the owner.

Weather protection

Through a rented gymnasium or barns

Group size

8-800 participants


  • Sports attire and trainers
  • No particular athletic skills required


2-3 hours


All year round


Anywhere in Switzerland

Further options

  • Search and hire of a suitable locality (sports grounds/gym hall)
  • Hire of a large farmyard in Ebertswil/ZH or Bern
  • English- or French-speaking guides
  • Marquees hire
  • First aider attending
  • Football air dancer (for decoration)

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