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Cocktail Masterclass with Bartender

Mixing cocktails with the bartender

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Prepare your own cocktail with an expert or just sit back and enjoy the show.

Mix your own cocktail

An exciting introduction to the world of cocktails, providing a practical foundation in the mechanics of mixology and cocktail preparation. The professional bartender shows you how to prepare, mix and decorate a range of classic and contemporary cocktails and assists with your own creations.

Enjoying the show

Alternatively, you can just relax, sit back and watch the bartender mix a drink of your choice. Our team consists of various specialists, among them the most popular barmaid in Switzerland, Liane. She became a celebrity through the TV show Swiss-Date.


Bespoke drinks list: we compose your own cocktail list exclusively for your event.

Bar stock: we provide a comprehensive bar stock including spirits, liqueurs, fruit juices, syrups, fresh fruit, ice etc.

There is also a selection of non-alcoholic drinks on the menu, something for every taste.

Prices staff and materials [in Swiss Francs]

Show mixer1780.00 flat rate

Drinks [in Swiss Francs]

alcoholic12.00 each
non-alcoholic9.00 each

Our service includes

  • All tools and equipment required
  • Ice, fresh fruit etc.

Not included

  • Beverages and bar
  • Glasses (CHF 1.80/piece)
  • Organisation and hire of venue
  • Travel expenses (CHF 1.50/km from Zurich)
  • VAT


All year round


Anywhere in Switzerland and abroad

Optional extras

  • Mobile bar; corporate branding available (prices on request)
  • For larger groups an additional professional bartender (without show), price on request
  • Wine, beer, soft drinks etc.
  • Finger food: we are happy to arrange for assorted finger food to be served alongside the drinks (on request)

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