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Team Building & Coaching

Ice Breakers – The motivating start

Our Ice Breakers are there to relax the participants, open them up, activate them physically, animate them to communicate with one another, increase brain activity and boost their energy (motivation). Not least – of course – it should be fun! All exercises are presented by expert guides.

Your choice

You have the choice of the following Ice Breaker exercises:

Things we have in common
  • Task: during conversation individual teams find out as many things as possible that they have in common. However, they mustn’t be related to work in any way.
  • Result: this way the participants get to know each other better in an informal manner
  • Duration: 20 to 45 minutes
Team Bridge made from playing cards
  • Task: each team is provided with playing cards, toothpicks and paper clips. The aim is to build a long, robust and creative bridge taking into account the special instructions from the instructor.
  • Result: the creative construction of the bridge connects and motivates participants
  • Duration: 10 to 30 minutes
  • ‘Wake-Up Workout’ with basic Yoga exercises
    • Task: under expert guidance the participants are shown a few simple yet effective Yoga exercises. All exercises can be done in business attire.
    • Result: activated and motivated participants
    • Duration: 10 to 30 minutes
    The Circle
    • Task: each team (e.g. per table) stands up and hold each other by their hands. Without letting go of each other, each person has to step through a rope circle. There are several levels of difficulty with props. This exercise can be held as a competition.
    • Result: physical activation with reciprocal support
    • Duration: 5 to 15 minutes
    In step
    • Task: all guests roam freely in the room. Without speaking they should now fall in step. There are several levels of difficulty.
    • Result: physical activation plus alertness development
    • Duration: 5 to 15 minutes
    Pass it on (rumour mill)
    • Task: the players are supposed to pass on a sentence precisely as they heard it. Sounds easy, but far from! The mistakes that sneak in have the potential to change the meaning of the sentence completely. This is an exercise with varying levels of difficulty.
    • Result: develops concise communication plus switching on concentration
    • Duration 5 to 15 minutes

    Many more Ice Breakers

    There are a lot more exciting tasks, please get in touch with us. Also if you have ideas of your own, we are happy to build them into the programme.

    Prices [in Swiss Francs]

    per Ice Breaker from1500.00 flat rate

    Our service includes

    • Expert staff
    • All required materials

    Not included

    • Travel expenses (CHF 1.80/km from Reichenburg)
    • Premises
    • VAT

    Weather protection


    Group size

    10-1000 participants

    Duration per exercise

    10 to 45 minutes


    All year round


    Anywhere in Switzerland or abroad

    Further options

    • Organising of seminar facilities and accommodation
    • English- or French-speaking presenters
    • Additional Ice Breakers
    • Other games i.e. darts, table football, etc.