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Team Building & Coaching

Obstacle Course with Llamas

Llamas are funny, intelligent animals that require strong leadership. This event offers you an unusual opportunity to improve your leadership communication skills.

Llamas are peaceful animals but need direct and consistent leadership. If the animal detects any weakness or wavering of instructions, it will start to play up. Quite often the leader’s character will be reflected in how the animal behaves, which can act as an interesting reflection point. Above all, llamas need to have confidence in their leader.

Team-Building Program

First, all participants will receive a detailed briefing from a qualified llama keeper.

The participants will then need to use the material they are provided in order to build an obstacle course for the llamas. It should be challenging but not mission impossible. In the end, there’s only one test: can the llamas get the finish line of the obstacle course.

Next the participants will need to work together to herd the llamas from a field into a pen. This will only work if the team agree on a clear plan and communicate well together. Anything less and it will be more like herding cats! Participants will select their llama, practice putting the halter on and build up rapport with the animal.

Finally, participants will lead the llamas on a route through the obstacle course. Does your llama seem comfortable? Can your llama finish the obstacle course?

New in 2024

This event is now available for groups of up to 32 people in combination with team-building exercises.

Learning Take-aways

Were the participants able to see the world through the llama’s eyes? From how they handle and interact with the llamas, and whether their llama successfully finishes the obstacle course, participants will be able to identify their leadership strengths and some areas to work on. The character mirroring effect which often occurs between the participant and the llama also provides an unusual perspective from which participants can reflect on who they are and how they conduct themselves.

Please note that this event can be combined with a BBQ.

Prices [in Swiss Francs]

up to 7 pers.1680.00 flat rate
from 8 pers.215.00 / pers.
from 20 pers. 199.00 / pers.

Catering options

Apéro from19.00 / Pers.

Our service includes

  • Trained guides
  • All necessary material
  • Short feedback from the guides at the end of the event
  • Organisation and rental of location
  • Mineral water

Not included

  • Transfer to and from the event location
  • VAT

Weather protection

This event is held in any weather

Group size

7-32 participants


ca. 3 hours


All year round


Near Oftringen, AG

Further options

  • Use llamas as pack animals and cooking in the forest
  • BBQ
  • English-speaking guides
  • Reflection and feedback from a qualified coach