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Team Building & Coaching

Team Coaching

What kind of team are you? What kind of team do you want to be?

Whether you are a strong team looking for that extra edge or a newly formed team struggling to find your way, coaching can help you improve your performance. Coaching will add value to your team in many cases, here are a few examples:

  • Supporting a newly formed team to have a strong start
  • Resolving conflicts within teams or between teams
  • Developing an average team into a high-performing team
  • Turning around a low-performing team

Team coaching can be facilitated via a traditional stand-alone offsite/workshop or as part of the team’s management offsite. At Conray, we also offer unique combinations of team-building events complemented with coaching. At its most simple, this might involve the team doing a team-building task while being observed by a coach who will then provide some feedback on the team working styles. This combination can also involve some team assessments and interviews conducted before an event, a monitored team-building event composed of multiple challenges/exercises with a detailed debrief and even perhaps a series of follow up meetings. In each case, lessons learned will be converted back into practical actions the team can implement once back in the office. Each solution will be tailored based on your unique situation.

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