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Teams united

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Team development activities involving all participants simultaneously

What distinguishes this offer from other team developing activities? All participants are engaged in the same activity simultaneously. The tasks can only be solved together, as all teams are interconnected.

Suggested team development activities:

  • Integration Rally (suitable for up to 60 participants)
    The participants play at four large gaming tables to gather as many casino tokens as possible. The respective ‘chip leader’ rotates the tables with each play round. However, unknown to the players, the rules of the game are different on each table. Non-verbal communication and integration are especially promoted with this exciting exercise.
  • Pipeline (suitable for up to 150 participants)
    Half of the players get a piece of the pipeline. The task is to pass on these units so they can be assebled again at the end of the tube. The rolling ball should never come to a halt. A particualarily good strategy is needed when the pipeline has to go around the corner.
  • The Team Path Special (suitable for up to 150 participants)
    The individual teams have to find their way from checkpoint to checkpoint blindfolded. As all the other teams are trying to solve this task simultaneously, it is vital to coordinate everyone's efforts if anyone's to succeed with the task.
  • Negotiating the Giant Rod (suitable for up to 60 participants)
    A long wooden rod is placed on the fingers of all the participants. The aim is to place it on the ground without losing contact with the rod. This is already demanding when attempted in a smaller group. In a large group this requires even more discipline and an exact strategy.
  • Order on the Plank Labyrinth (suitable for up to 100 participants)
    The entire group stands on a labyrinth of beams. Now the teams have to rearrange themselves on the beams according to the guide’s instructions without touching the ground.
  • Communication Puzzle via Radio (suitable for up to 70 people)
    The teams lay out a large jigsaw puzzle with the added twist that another team has the template. This requires the exchange of information both ways. That’s the only way for all to be successful.

We tailor each team development activity according to your requirements. We are happy to tell you more about the individual activities. Just give us a call: +41 55 444 37 60

Weather protection

We can hold these team-building exercises at a location of your choice, on a lawn, in a field or in open woodland. For protection from the elements we can provide mobile marquees for hire (optional). Alternatively a farmyard/barn can be rented (optional) or we can visit you at your seminar facilities.

Team evaluation and coaching

In addition to personal experience and feedback from the guide you can greatly benefit from a professional coach. He observes the teams and together with the participants he translates and integrates the experience into the every day work process. This exciting team event is an active contribution to the team development of your company.

Prices [in Swiss Francs]

up to 20 pers.2990.00 flat rate
from 21 pers.145.00 / pers.
from 31 pers.140.00 / pers.
from 70 pers.126.00 / pers.
from 90 pers.109.00 / pers.
from 125 pers.89.00 / pers.

Catering options

Barbecue from 59.00 / pers.
Refreshments / Aperitiffrom 19.00 / pers.

Our service includes

  • Expert guides
  • a brief feedback on solving the task
  • All required materials
  • Bottled water during the event

Not included

  • Transfers
  • Catering
  • VAT

Weather protection

  • Marquees for hire (optional)
  • Renting a barn (optional)
  • Renting seminar facilities (optional)

Group size

15-150 participants


2-3 hours


All year round


Anywhere in Switzerland and abroad

Further options

  • Reflection on individual performances by a professional coach
  • English- or French-speaking guides